About SharePad

SharePad is a free technical interview tool that has a real-time collaborative code editor and built-in compilers for popular programming languages like Python, C/C++ and Java. You can run code to test the solution instantly with SharePad. It makes the coding interview process straightforward and more fun.

How to use SharePad for technical interview

  1. Collaborate

    On the SharePad home page, click Collaborate to create a unique live share link, anyone has this link open can see the changes from each other. Send it to your candidate, you will be collaborating on the same code.

  2. Run Code

    Once the candidate finishes coding and feels confident about the solution, both the candidate and the interviewer can hit Run to check the solution. You can also specify input which is provided as the program's stdin. Input and output are synced just like the code editor.

  3. Share

    When the coding interview ends, you can create a permanent link to the code by clicking Share. This is a snapshot of the code, anyone with the link can view the content. You can include this link as part of your interview feedback.


For comments and error reports, you can find contact information at: https://sharepad.io/p/xRol4yg